Kitchen Installation in Atlanta

The Leading Kitchen Installation Warehouse in Atlanta!

The most used area in every house is definitely the kitchen. A kitchen is an important area of every household since that is where everyone gathers to eat. It’s also where families celebrate with their friends for any milestone achieved. It’s only natural to want your kitchen not only functional but inviting and beautiful as well.

If you do not know how to design your kitchen, that’s not a problem at GKD. Let our talented designers do the job for you! They will meet with you to discuss any ideas you may have, and design the perfect layout for your countertops and cabinets.  

The cabinet installation can be started right away by our experienced professional team.  Our team has knowledge and skill in the installation of cabinets, countertops, and other house fixtures. They will make sure that all the cabinets are installed at the right level and position. Do not let an inexperienced team do this job since cabinet installation can be very tricky.

Before installing new cabinets, we recommend completing the rough wiring, plumbing, then finishing the flooring. This will save you from using more flooring than needed and you can also prevent any damage.

If it’s a kitchen remodel, we will first carefully remove the old cabinets to prevent any damage to the walls.  Our team then proceeds in hanging the upper cabinetry. We use a level throughout the process to make sure that correct measurements will be made. Markings will help the team ensure that the cabinets will be placed in the right position.

After the upper cabinets, the team proceeds with installing the lower cabinetry. If the rough wiring, plumbing, and the flooring are completed, we can then proceed in making required cutouts. This will be necessary for the installation of sinks, gas pipes, electrical cables, and any recessed accent lighting. We will also place shims under the cabinetry if necessary just to make sure that the lower cabinets are level. This is important to ensure proper installation of the countertops.

The next step is to add any finishing touches to the installation. Adjustments are made to make sure that the cabinet doors are level and that they close properly. The drawers are placed into runners and checked to see if there are any problems. The last step will be to install the door and drawer hardware, including knobs, handles and pulls.