Kitchen & Bathroom Installation Services


GKD provides superior service for kitchen, bath, and other home projects. Our amazing team consists of skilled and experienced designers, fabricators, and installers. Each member plays a vital role in achieving each and every client’s vision for their project.

Here are a list of services that  the GKD team provides:

Kitchen Installation

Our team goes to your home to take measurements of the room where your project will be done.  We will then show you our wide range of product lines, as well as discussing your budget.

Bathroom Installation

Our team will show you our different bathroom products, such as vanities and porcelain tiles. GKD has the bathroom products that are perfect for bathroom improvement projects. Afterwards, We’ll give you an exact estimate.  

Kitchen Remodeling

Our designer can layout the design of your kitchen remodeling project if you don’t already have a design in mind. Our showroom also has a section of kitchen products, like sinks and faucets for virtually any kitchen project.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Our fabricators can customize kitchen cabinets according to your specified style and color. Our experienced crew will then install the custom finished kitchen cabinets for you.

Kitchen Countertops

GKD has an amazing variety of top of the line, high-quality countertops made from granite and other natural and engineered stones. We definitely have the countertops that will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Multi Units Installation

Depending on your time table,  we can begin remodeling a few rooms or the entire building. We also work on apartment renovations and hotel conversions.

Bathroom Remodeling

Our experienced and talented team will turn your new bathroom design into reality. Or if you don’t have a design in mind yet, our talented designers can layout one for you.

High End & Luxury Bathroom Installation

GKD’s variety of fixtures and products are perfect for any bathroom remodeling project. Your bathroom will be transformed into a luxurious room you may never want to leave!

High End & Luxury Kitchen Installation

Our team can provide the high-end look and feel that you want for your kitchen. From exotic and unique countertops to luxurious cabinetry, GKD can help you achieve your kitchen dreams.