Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling

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Our kitchen installation service follows a three-step process in replacing the fixtures of a given room. First, we determine all of the needed measurements of the fixtures that need to be replaced. Second, the client chooses cabinets and other kitchen fixtures from our product list. Third, our team discusses the kitchen installation with the client, from financial counseling up to the final evaluation. The client will do a final review of the installed products to make sure everything is exactly as promised.

Meanwhile, a kitchen remodeling project entails changing the design or structure of the area. A kitchen remodel will undergo a complete makeover. This may require seeking skilled workers and a project manager to ensure a smooth flow throughout the project.

Remodeling a room may require adding or removing walls to make a larger space. Floor tiles can be replaced with another type of flooring, or a totally new kitchen layout may be used for the project. The team can also install new countertops and finished cabinets to for a new design in the kitchen. This may mean a higher cost to turn the old space into a larger, more functional kitchen.

GKD provides superior, yet affordable services for kitchens, baths, and other areas of your home. Our team will set up an appointment to answer any questions you may have, and to provide a free, no obligation estimate.  You can choose from various fixtures available in our vast showroom for any home projects.  Your budget and time requirements will always be taken into account throughout the project. Our goal is to make your remodeling/installation dreams a reality!